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Green Acorn is committed to helping local businesses become sustainable, and rewarding those that meet a higher standard in environmental responsibility

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We Certify and Reward Sustainable, Local Businesses

Save Money

With our database of energy efficient products, and partnerships with suppliers of eco-friendly tableware, we can help your business make simple changes that are proven to reduce costs. Did you know that changing just a few light bulbs to CFLs can amount to thousands in savings each year?

Attract Customers

We provide all our certified stores with free advertisements in local media, publicity on Facebook and Twitter, and promotional events on the Penn campus, reaching thousands of students and community members.> 90% of Penn students believe that sustainability is important for local businesses.

Boost Productivity

Employees enjoy work more when they are supporting a sustainable business. Happier employees lead to satisfied customers, and satisfied customers lead to increased revenue and business growth. Employees who feel their job makes a positive environmental impact are twice as likely to be satisfied with their career.

Protect the Planet

By reducing waste, the community benefits from a lower carbon footprint and a mentality of sustainability. With your help, we can make Philadelphia a cleaner and greener city. Helping the environment just feels good!

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Our Newest Certified Businesses

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